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Solo performance coming up!

It's been an exiting and hectic period the last months, with The Norwegian Solist's Choir performances, Song Sircus concert in Stavanger and the first public presentation of my PhD project at The Norwegian Adacemy of Music. But there is more to come: On Friday, I will do my first concert with repertoire from my soon-coming solo album debut: For One / For None.

On my forthcoming album, I have been playing with Norwegian folk music and contemporary music for solo voice, and I present folk songs side by side virtuosic and playful contemporary repertoire by composers like Lasse Thoresen, John Cage, Giacinto Scelsi and Georges Aperghis. The result is, I hope, a personal musical journey with timbre, expression and energy where the two genres give mutual influence to each other, in a unique unity.

And on Friday, I will sing parts of this music on stage for the first time. I am one of the lucky participants at the arrangement called Arena:Klassisk, a showcase that takes place in Oslo every year. This is the place to perform if you want to get in touch with the festivals, the concert series and many of the most influental scenes among Norway's classical music milieu. With Friday's concert as a starting point and an arena for potential bookings, I hope to sing my new, self-curated solo repertoire for you soon.

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